Billboard Colombia

Portrait LED pole billboard Colombia

And another billboard which is placed in the center of Medellin.
This LED screen uses SMD technology, controlled by a Nova system with content management system (CMS) hosted by us.
The screen is 5m wide and 7m high and 5m above ground with a pixel pitch of 10mm.

Mediawall LED container Billboard

LED Container for

This Customer “” has also received his first and second container with LED display inside.
This container is exactly the same as the one that is delivered to wolff und Meuler,
The only difference is that these containers has a survalence system on board and
painted in RAL9011 Black. include logo’s on all sides.

E-Tron introduction

LED screen for AUDI & VW dealer

We had the prefeledge to place an LED screen at the show room of the Audi and VW Dealer.
A p4.81 LED screen with the dimension of 3mtr x 2mtr for the promotion of the E-Tron.
This screen is controled with Nova and CMS.

Wolff und Mueller LED container

LED Container for Wolff und Meuller

LED wall inside a container with advanced ventilation and controlling system.
The screen is made out of cabinets 500×1000 SMD p4.81 to have a great viewing experiance.
The resolution of this screen is 1144 pixels width and 416 pixels high.
It is controlled by Nova and Magnimage. Magnimage is used for the scaler.

LED Billboard Medellin

Billboard Colombia

We have finished installing a 70m² LED SMD billboard for our customer in Collombia.
This LED screen is made with cabinets 960×960 and modules SMD with a pixel pitch of 10mm(p10).
The controller that has been used is Nova MCTRL300 with an industrial pc.